December 28, 1984

The Opening Credits:


Beth Correll Liz Correll
Preacher Liz, Preacher & Jody
Beth Looks On Leaving  Monticello

Wedding Reception:

Mitzi Catches the Bouquet Mitzi & Gunther
Del & Geraldine Geraldine & Del
Calvin & Didi Calvin, Didi, Marty & Jeremy
Mike & Nancy Mathew Gantz
Raven, Sky, & Charlotte
Miles Newlyweds

Wonderland Lane:

Alicia VanDine on Wonderland Lane Chris Egan
Wonderland Lane The Wonderland Lane Bunny

M. Hatter Antiques:

M.Hatter Antiques Alicia VanDine in the Antique Shop
Chris Egan in the Antique Shop Chris and Alicia in Antique Shop
Chris With Alicia's Body
Louis VanDine Weapon Drawn
Hext Threatens Chris Chris Fights Back
Hext in Pursuit
Louis With Alicia's Body Louis Laughs
Chris Finds Help Chris Tries to Explain

The Whitney Mansion:

Raven, Sky, Gunther, Mitzi, & Jamie Package for Geraldine
Del Gets the Papers Geraldine
Geraldine, Del, & Jamie Geraldine, Jamie & Del
Sky Makes a Toast
Sky Gunther

A New Mystery:

Chris's Ordeal Chris Tells the Tale
Mike Goes to Work Mike's Final Words

The Finale:

Sky & Raven Sky & Raven Kiss
Sky & Raven open the Door
Sky Holding the Sword Sky Holding the Sword
Fade to Black

Closing Credits: